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Kabul Breaking News : This is how Taliban captured Afghanistan, see full report with time

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Kabul Breaking News

Taliban capture Afghanistan’s parliament

Taliban fighters have captured the Afghan parliament. Taliban terrorists reached Parliament. Taliban fighters entered the parliament with machine guns in their hands. He sat down on the speaker’s chair. Kabul Breaking News

Kabul Breaking News

16/08/2021 17:34:16

Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry

China on Monday expressed hope that the Taliban will keep its promise of establishing an “open and inclusive” Islamic government in Afghanistan and ensure a peaceful transfer of power without violence and terrorism.

Responding for the first time since the fall of Afghanistan’s government, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, speaking to reporters, expressed hope that the Taliban would keep its promise of a peaceful transfer of power, taking full responsibility for the safety of Afghan citizens and foreign ambassadors. Kabul Breaking News


16/08/2021 17:16:57

America’s growing concern over terrorist threats amid growing Taliban grip

A top US general said the US could face increased terror threats from Taliban-run Afghanistan. This warning comes at a time when questions are being raised on intelligence agencies anticipating these threats due to the rapid disengagement of the US-backed Afghan army.

US intelligence estimated less than a week ago that insurgents could besiege Kabul in 30 days, but the world saw shocking photos on Sunday of Taliban fighters standing in the office of the Afghan president while crowds of Afghan civilians and foreigners Arriving at airports trying to go outside the country. Kabul Breaking News


16/08/2021 16:52:36

Italy evacuates its personnel from Kabul

Italy has evacuated 70 personnel of its embassy and Afghan staff from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The plane carrying Italian employees is expected to reach Rome on Monday. Italy’s Defense Ministry released a video taken at Kabul International Airport in which people can be seen climbing stairs to board a plane parked in the dark. Kabul Breaking News

16/08/2021 15:27:07

Taliban entered the campus of Tolo News

“The Taliban entered the Tolonuz compound in Kabul, checked the weapons of security personnel, collected government-issued weapons, agreed to secure the compound,” Afghanistan’s Tolonuz said.

taliban nws

16/08/2021 14:58:45

China ready for ‘friendship’ with Taliban

China has said it is ready to develop “friendly relations” with the Taliban in Afghanistan. News agency AFP gave this information. Let us inform that in the past, the Taliban leader also met the Foreign Minister of China.

16/08/2021 14:38:15

Air India canceled its only flight to Kabul

Air India canceled its only Delhi-Kabul flight on a pre-scheduled flight to avoid Afghanistan’s airspace. The airline took this step after the Kabul airport authorities declared an “uncontrolled” situation.

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It was the only commercial flight scheduled on Monday between India and Afghanistan and Air India is the only airline operating flights between the two countries. On Monday, the airline changed the route of its two planes coming from America to Delhi for this reason, to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

kabool airport

16/08/2021 13:38:02

5 people dead at Kabul airport

According to the news of Reuters, eyewitnesses have told that five people have died in the firing by American soldiers at Kabul airport. There many people are injured. American security forces took this action at a time when thousands of people gathered at Kabul Airport to board the plane. American security forces also opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd.

16/08/2021 13:31:11

Taliban in a state of uncertainty about future: Ghani

Crisis-hit Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has asked the Taliban to tell their intentions and reassure people who are uncertain about their future after its occupation of the country. Taliban fighters captured Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Sunday. The government knelt down and President Ghani left the country with domestic and foreign nationals.

16/08/2021 12:52:38

Saudi Arabia evacuates its citizens from Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it had evacuated all personnel from its embassy in Kabul in view of the changing ground situation. After the Taliban took over the capital of Afghanistan, many other countries have closed their embassies located there.

16/08/2021 12:51:10

Czech flight from Kabul took off with personnel and Afghan citizens

The Czech country’s first flight from Afghanistan carrying its personnel and Afghan nationals took off from Kabul International Airport and landed in Prague. Prime Minister Andrzej Babies said there were 46 people on board the flight that arrived on Monday. These included Czech citizens, Afghan personnel at the Czech embassy and Afghan translators who helped the Czech armed forces during the NATO mission, and their families. The prime minister did not immediately provide further details. It is also not clear how many such flights will be put into service.

16/08/2021 12:01:44

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US Army fired at Kabul airport, news of many people dead

There is news of the death of many people. After this firing, there was an atmosphere of chaos at the airport. After the occupation of Taliban, even a country like America seems helpless. Kabul Breaking News

After the news of the attack on the airport, America forbade its citizens to go to the airport. America has asked its citizens to take refuge in a safe place.

16/08/2021 11:36:04

US embassy completely empty

The US has completely evacuated its embassy in the capital Kabul. Although the programs of the embassy, ​​all the necessary work will be done from Kabul Airport. Many countries, including America and France, have built their embassies there. Kabul Breaking News

16/08/2021 11:26:38

US to deploy 6000 troops at Kabul airport

The US has said it will deploy 6,000 troops to Kabul airport to ensure the safe return of its citizens, its friends and allies from Afghanistan amid the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan and the collapse of President Ashraf Ghani’s regime. Kabul Breaking News

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken spoke to his counterparts from important allies. However, India was not included in this. More than 60 countries, led by the US and the European Union, have issued a joint statement urging those in powerful positions in Afghanistan to take responsibility and accountability for the protection of human life and property, and the restoration of security and civil order. to take immediate steps. Kabul Breaking News

16/08/2021 11:25:35

South Korea temporarily closes embassy in Kabul

South Korea’s foreign ministry said it has “temporarily closed” its embassy in Kabul and evacuated most of the personnel to another country in the Middle East. Kabul Breaking News

The ministry said that some diplomats, including Ambassador Choi Taeho, are in a safe place in Afghanistan and are assisting a South Korean man in his safe return from Afghanistan. It was told that the Seoul government is working with the US and other countries for a safe evacuation. Kabul Breaking News

South Korea has imposed travel restrictions on Afghanistan since 2007. In June, South Korea asked its citizens living there to leave the country within ten days, amid the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. Kabul Breaking News

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